James + The Sherlocks + Paradisia – Saturday 15 July

One of the most influential British indie bands, propelled from the musical tinderbox of early 80s Manchester and the “Madchester” movement of the 90s into an enduring global career spanning over 30 years with hit after hit including Sit Down, She’s A Star, Laid, and Getting Away With It and over 20 UK Top 40 singles and selling millions of albums worldwide. On top at the midway stage of the chart week, their latest studio album Girl at the End of the World recently came close to knocking Adele’s 25 off the prized number 1 spot of the UK album chart.

Supported by The Sherlocks. With the release of their debut album Live for the Moment, out in August, this Sheffield four-piece have unquenchable ambition and a unique sound. Following in the great tradition of guitar groups from their area, the band has rediscovered the adrenalizing rush of rock ‘n’ roll. This ‘must see live’ band is fearless with lyrical honesty, delivering a fantastic, riff-filled rock and roll for hedonistic youth.

Opening the concert is Paradisia. An individual 70’s influenced trio combining mesmerising vocals, escapist lyrics and the delicate dreamlike sound of the harp.