The Human League – Friday 13 July

Electro-pioneers and influential ground-breakers, The Human League are so credible it’s incredible.
In fact they’re probably more highly regarded now than they were in 1981 when they released their landmark album Dare. With four Top 10 albums and eight Top 10 singles in the UK as well as two US Number 1 singles and over 30 million records sold worldwide; they are a sublimely peculiar and heady cocktail of pop, dance, glamour and electronics.

British electronic band Blancmange mix synthesizers and surrealism to create epic synthpop. They first broke in the early 80s with ground-breaking singles “I Can’t Explain”, “Feel Me”, “Living on the Ceiling”, “Blind Vision” and “Don’t Tell Me”. Always willing to change and adapt, their sound has evolved sometimes sharp and minimalist, sometimes lighter and ambient, sometimes flickering between bleak and crazy – always free and experimental.