Having forged a signature style that breaks down the boundaries between music genres, 2CELLOS bounce from classical and film music to pop and rock and everything in between. The blockbuster Croatian cellists Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser rocked the world of music with their unique 2011 YouTube hit reworking Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” and since then they just haven’t looked back. Their distinctive sound and high-energy performance has made them an international sensation. Fearlessly playing with true virtuosity, they know no limits when performing live.

Supporting the 2CELLOS is straight talking singer/songwriter Nerina Pallot, telling it as it is. A prolific writer and producer, the elegant, heartfelt, soul-deep songs on her latest album Stay Lucky reflect an unhurried expansiveness. It is undoubtedly her most personal, most warmly emotional album yet.

Opening the night will be the internet’s favourite cover girls, The Lounge Kittens. The saucy songstresses, a London-based trio, deliver popular songs and tongue-in-cheek covers with an irreverent twist. Watch out for their acerbic wit and ability to swear in three-part harmony.