The gates will open at 5pm to allow for an increased level of security searches. You can find out more here.

Admission to the concert arena will open at around 6pm, please check back closer to the concert week for more detailed info on stage times.

What time will it finish?
The concerts will finish no later than 10.30pm.

What should I wear?
Casual wear – bring warm clothes for the evening. Please note the grass may be damp or muddy if there has been a large amount of rain; waterproof shoes may be a good idea.

Can I bring a picnic?
Yes, you may bring your own picnic into the concert arena. Please do not bring tables but, as this is a picnic concert, it is fine to bring blankets and folding chairs.

You are allowed to bring your own alcohol into Kew the Music. You are allowed to bring glass bottles onto site. Please recycle the bottles when finished. Drinking glasses are not permitted on site. Please use plastic, shatterproof drinking cups. This is to protect the wildlife and other concert goers.

What about my rubbish?
Kew the Music cares deeply about reducing waste and in particular avoiding landfill usage. There will be numerous bins around site and these will be labelled as to what should be placed in them in order to maximise the recycling opportunities. It would help us enormously if you could minimise the packaging you bring onto site, and take some of your rubbish home with you to dispose of there.

I purchased a picnic hamper in advance – where do I need to collect this?
There will be a collection point within the concert site, please see the site map here.

Can I bring a gazebo?
Out of consideration for other concert goers, gazebos and tents are not allowed.

Is there food available to buy?
Yes, good quality hot food is available and there will be a fully stocked bar, please see our Show Information page for further details.

Can we bring lanterns?
For your own safety and to preserve the plants and trees in the Gardens any naked flames such as lantern lights, barbecues, and barbecue candles are not permitted.

Can I bring a camera?
You can bring any camera to the Kew the Music summer concerts for your personal use, except those with a detachable lens (such as SLR or DSLR cameras).

Are there baby changing facilities at Kew the Music?
Baby changing facilities are located at Victoria Gate.

How do I get in?
You may enter via either Victoria Gate or Elizabeth Gate. For customers collecting tickets, please go to the box office at Victoria Gate.

Can I visit the Gardens with my concert ticket?
Your concert ticket for Kew the Music does not include entry to Kew Gardens outside of the concert area and timings. If you wish to visit Kew Gardens, you will need to purchase a separate Kew Gardens entry ticket from the Gardens directly. You can do so via their website here.

If you wish to visit the Gardens on the day of the concert, you will still be required to exit the Gardens and re-enter for the concert.

How can I get in contact?
Please get in touch via our ‘Contact’ tab – click here.

What if I have any questions once I’m inside the concert?
There will be a customer information point in the concert arena where staff will be available to answer any questions/queries.


What if it is raining on the night – will the concert be cancelled?
The performers are on a covered stage and the concert will go ahead. Only in extreme conditions, and where a question of health and safety is involved, would the concert be cancelled. Please ensure you bring adequate clothing for the weather conditions.

Will I get a refund?
No refund will be given if a concert is started but later abandoned. If a concert is abandoned before the start of the concert, you would receive a refund. Your ticket would need to be returned within 28 days of the due concert date.


When will I receive my ticket?
It is common for tickets to arrive up to and within two weeks of an event taking place. If you do not receive your ticket within five days of the event, we would suggest contacting your ticket agent directly. The ticket agent you used should be stated on your confirmation e-mail, or as the company on the transaction on your bank or card statement.

There are many fraudulent ticketing sites. Please ensure that you buy tickets from one of our official partners. If you have any questions over the validity of a ticket seller, please contact us via the contact page before making your purchase.

The official ticket sellers for Kew the Music 2023 are:
See Tickets
The Ticket Factory

Official Ticket Resale Platform

Are there tickets available for children?
Children are very welcome at Kew the Music, although they must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over who holds their own valid ticket. Children aged 1 to 15 years old (inclusive) need to have a child priced ticket. Children aged 16 will be required to purchase a full price ticket. Children under 12 months do not require a ticket. Please keep your children close and be aware that amplified noise presents a danger to vulnerable hearing, so we would strongly recommend that you bring hearing protection for your children.

Ticket information at the event
The box office is located at Victoria Gate and will open on each event day from 5pm to approximately 9pm.

Tickets will continue to be on sale online here (subject to availability).

Please note, if you are a VIP customer you will need to enter the event via Elizabeth Gate.

There will be a separate VIP entry lane for you to use at Elizabeth Gate.

Kew the Music Group Bookings
Email: customerservices@kilimanjarolive.co.uk
For VIP package group bookings, please see our VIP page here.


What is the Reserved Enclosure?
The Reserved Enclosure is a separate area which gives you the opportunity to be at the front half of the viewing area, along with access to a separate bar. Please see the site map here for further details. The capacity of the Reserved Enclosure is set at a higher meterage per head than the general viewing area so affords each individual some extra space to enjoy.

Are seats provided in the Reserved Enclosure?
No seating, tables, rugs or reserved space are provided in this area. It is a first come, first served space basis. Patrons can purchase food at the event, pre-order a hamper for collection on the evening or bring their own picnics.

What will the view of the stage be like from the Reserved Enclosure?
The Reserved Enclosure is at the front of the arena, off to the side of the stage. The stage and the screens showing the concert will be within direct viewing distance. The dance area at the front of the stage can also be directly accessed.

What is the Nash Enclosure?
The Nash Enclosure is an area at the rear of the Reserved Enclosure which is accessible exclusively to customers who have purchased The Nash VIP Package. As per the Reserved Enclosure, the capacity of this area is set at a higher meterage per head and, with access only granted to a limited number of guests, is designed to allow Nash ticket holders space to spread out regardless of what time they enter the arena. Please see the site map here for further details.


For all information regarding access at Kew the Music, please see our Accessibility page here.


Children are very welcome at Kew the Music, although they must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over who holds their own valid ticket. Children aged 1 to 15 years old (inclusive) need to have a child priced ticket. Children aged 16 will be required to purchase a full price ticket. Children under 12 months do not require a ticket. Please keep your children close and be aware that amplified noise presents a danger to vulnerable hearing, so we would strongly recommend that you bring hearing protection for your children.

A “challenge 25” policy will be operated at all the bars, shops and structures where alcohol can be obtained, so if you are lucky enough to look under 25 you will be asked to present your acceptable form of ID at the bar.
Acceptable forms of ID are Passports, Driving licence or the government’s proof of age scheme card – www.pass-scheme.org.uk. If you do not have ID when challenged, you will not be served alcohol.


Why do you have to make noise before the concerts start? Why do you have to sound check?
We have to test that the equipment is properly set up so that a balance can be achieved between the different sounds of the performers – for example vocals, drums etc. Part of the reason a sound check is so necessary is that this “balancing out” ensures the actual sound at the concert does not get too high or loud.

For how long will the sound checks last?
We try to keep them to an absolute minimum.

Sound checks will run during the afternoons of concert week from approximately 2pm to 6pm – but will not be continuous during this time.

Why does it take so long to sound check?
Please see ‘Why do you have to make a noise before the concert starts?’ above. During the allocated sound check times the noise will not be continuous, to allow for changeovers between the bands and time for setting up.

The sound checks are in two parts – the first, known as a “line check” checks the individual components of the system. The sound check itself is when the band’s combined sound is checked.

I am thinking of making a formal complaint to the council…
We work closely with the local authority’s Environmental Health Department to do what we can to minimise the impact on residents. You will be pleased to know that we not only comply but are within the guidance on sound levels set by the local authority.

Please check back for the helpline number – this will be published before the concerts begin. We address all feedback after each concert day and will endeavour to respond to you as quickly as possible.

What does the council have to say about the noise you make – surely other people complain?
The local authority Environmental Health Officer is informed of the sound checks and sound management plan and is in direct contact with the independent sound monitoring company who we employ to ensure guidelines and limits are adhered to.

Can’t you just down turn the volume?
The sound levels need to be of a certain volume to ensure that everyone at the concert can enjoy the music, however we employ an independent sound monitoring company who work onsite and work closely with the Local Authority to ensure we are compliant with the regulations and adjust the sound accordingly where required.

So what sort of things can you do to control the sound overspill?
We have people working at the concert who are monitoring noise levels and will respond to complaints. If the noise levels get too high we will turn them down;

We have arranged the concert site so that the stage is pointing south-west, into the Gardens and away from the nearest residents.

We are using the latest state-of-the-art sound system, which has been proven on other London sites to reduce noise overspill.